Restorative Dentistry

Are you looking for a way to regain your healthy, beautiful smile? CloudView Dental is the leading provider of restorative dentistry in Hobbs, NM, with Dr. Cody Slade and Dr. Abhiroop Kotha at the forefront of the industry.

At CloudView Dental, we believe everyone deserves a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile, which is why we offer our patients a wide range of restorative dentistry services. We know dental problems can significantly impact a person’s quality of life, so we strive to provide the most comprehensive, efficient, and effective solutions to all dental issues.

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What is Restorative Dentistry?

Our restorative dentistry services cover everything from minor cosmetic issues to major dental emergencies such as missing teeth, cavities, decay, trauma, and gum disease. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that our patients receive the best possible results while maintaining a comfortable and inviting atmosphere to make your visit as stress-free as possible.


What are the Benefits of Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is a branch of dentistry that aims to restore the function and aesthetic appeal of damaged or missing teeth. The benefits of restorative dentistry are vast, and they go beyond mere oral hygiene and health. Restorative dentistry can improve your overall quality of life by enhancing your confidence and self-esteem, improving social interaction and mental well-being. Additionally, these procedures help you maintain a healthy bite and prevent further damage to your teeth and gums. Many restorative procedures can also help preserve bone density and prevent gum recession, leading to tooth loss.

So, if you want to improve the function and health of your teeth while enhancing your appearance and confidence, consider exploring the numerous restorative dentistry options available today.


Our Restorative Services

Dental Implants

Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to restore missing teeth, so you can enjoy a confident, healthy smile once again. Our experienced dentists, Dr. Cody Slade and Dr. Abhiroop Kotha will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that fits your specific dental needs.

Implants are a long-lasting and natural-looking solution for missing teeth. They are surgically placed in the jawbone, providing a stable foundation for a replacement tooth or a dental bridge. This stability means eating, speaking, and smiling without worrying about a loose, ill-fitting denture.


Root Canal Therapy

Don’t let a root canal scare you; let CloudView Dental provide you with the pain-free relief you need. We understand that painful dental problems require immediate attention and have the potential to cause serious health issues if left untreated. Our expert dentists are well-trained and experienced in providing safe, pain-free root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy effectively relieves pain, prevents infection, and saves your natural tooth. The procedure involves:

  • Removing the infected pulp from the inside of the tooth.
  • Cleaning the area.
  • Filling it with a special material.

We use advanced techniques and innovative technology to ensure the process is as comfortable and efficient as possible.


Dental Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges are excellent for restoring your smile’s natural function and appearance. We use high-quality materials, such as porcelain and ceramic, to create unique and natural-looking restorations that blend seamlessly with the rest of your teeth.

Dental crowns restore teeth that are decayed, cracked, or severely damaged. They are custom-made and cover the entire tooth, providing strength and durability to the damaged area. Bridges, on the other hand, are used to replace missing teeth and usually consist of two crowns attached to the surrounding teeth, with a replacement tooth in the middle.


Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays are long-lasting and minimally invasive restorative procedures ideal for treating cavities or filling large areas of tooth decay. Our experienced dentists at CloudView Dental use computer-aided design and manufacturing technology to create custom-fitted inlays and onlays that restore natural tooth function and aesthetics.

Inlays repair teeth that cavities have damaged, while onlays repair areas of the tooth that are more severely damaged. These restorations protect and strengthen the natural tooth while preserving the healthy part of the tooth.


A Comprehensive Approach to Restorative Dentistry

At CloudView Dental, we understand that dental problems can be challenging and may require a comprehensive approach to restoration. That is why we offer various restorative dentistry services tailored to your needs and preferences. Our dentists, Dr. Cody Slade and Dr. Abhiroop Kotha will work with you every step to ensure you receive the best possible dental care.

If you’re looking for restorative dentistry in Hobbs, NM, look no further than CloudView Dental. Our experienced and compassionate team, led by Dr. Cody Slade and Dr. Abhiroop Kotha, is here to provide you with the highest quality care and treatment options. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and regain your beautiful smile.

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